People say that

Identity politics aren’t everything.

And maybe that’s true

In one sense because, ya know,

National security

Fiscal responsibility

Foreign affairs blah blah blah


I think we can all agree

That what we fight for

In our politics

What we expect

From our politicians

Is for them to fight


For all of us

And so

If we don’t have leaders

Who care about the repercussions

An action or policy may have on the



Muslim communities

And the all-inclusive EVERYONE


I think we can all agree

That the end goal we fight for

Isn’t actually being fought for

That our expectations for politicians

To fight for all of us

aren’t being met

And so really

Identity politics

ARE the most important aspect


People see me

And see a straight, white female

They don’t see I’m also

Japanese on my dad’s side

And Italian and question mark becausemygrandfatherwasadopted

On my mom’s side

Or the girls I used to fuck before

I met my Jewish fiancé they also don’t see

Or the struggles I’ve endured

As a woman

As a person

Just trying to chase money and freedom and love and happiness

Like everyone else.

I recognize the privilege I have

As someone people glance at and see

A straight, white female.

I don’t and won’t deny that

But I’m also tired of hearing

People say “it could be worse, be lucky you don’t live in the Middle East

Or Africa”

Because that’s like telling a rape or domestic violence victim

“it could be worse, he could have killed you.”

Comparison certainly puts things into perspective

But it doesn’t negate the struggles

Of the BLM



And women in America today.

So fuck you

If you don’t think identity politics are ultimately the most important thing

Fuck you

For telling me I should appreciate my privilege like I don’t


For trying to undermine the struggles we face and why we march and protest and fight

Simply because you don’t want to and don’t have to because we are doing it for you

I will acknowledge my white privilege and use it to shield my black friends and my muslim friends and my LGBT friends and anyone else out there

Wishing that one day I won’t have to.

But ya know, fuck me and the white privilege I rode in on.


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