I am a very political person. I post a lot of political things on Facebook rather than here as I even I need a break from that. However, I feel the need to point out some hypocrisy I keep coming across.

A decent amount of my friends and family are pretty religious. I happen to be an atheist, well, I vary from agnostic to atheist depending on the day. I also have a lot of atheist friends but we are going to focus on the people who claim to be Christians today.

I’ve seen a lot of memes or articles basically bashing people for wanting free healthcare and free college education. I personally would LOVE for my taxes to go towards those programs. Not everyone does and that’s okay, I fully support your right to believe whatever it is you want to believe and hope you respect mine.

What I find strange is the same people who talk about being good Christians and are pro-life, are fully supportive of our military budget (to be clear I am as well) because, “They protect us all and make it less likely for us to be  bombed” but also say things like, “Free loaders! Get a better job if you want healthcare and college! My taxes aren’t here to help you!”. Now, do I think our welfare system is perfect? No. Are there some people who abuse it? Sure. The vast majority, however, don’t. Studies have shown that most people on welfare are working and actually need it. The system will never be perfect and I get that. What’s strange is that they claim to support our military because it protects us from hypothetical bombs being dropped but they don’t want to protect our own citizens from starvation, injury, disease, etc.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with an old friend who is in the military that went like this, copy and pasted directly:

Navy Boy:A girl on my ship once told our division “my daddy say real men don’t pull out; he have twenty kids.” This man lived his entire fucking life on welfare and then infected the future with nearly two dozen of his progeny, while hard working, intelligent people, with qualities nature has selected for for millions of years are responsible and exhibit self control and they end up having 2.5 kids. That’s BARELY a replacement reproduction rate. I don’t understand how liberals can claim to understand evolution and not see how fucking stupid that is. And if you’re gonna tell me that that’s an isolated event, that “inner city culture” doesn’t promote that behavior or that it doesn’t happen then your lying to yourself.

My response: Statistically speaking that IS a pretty isolated event. Sure, there are people who con the system and there always will be. My issue is that we pay taxes for plenty of things that don’t necessarily directly benefit us and most people don’t complain. I have no issues with the amount of funding our military gets either. My main point is that people complain about paying taxes to give free healthcare but what they don’t realize is that they already pay a premium for themselves. If you take away your premium and get a tax it would end up being about the same but now everyone gets healthcare. It just amazes me how people use the justification of protecting people regarding military funding but don’t actually want to protect anyone. Whether it’s vets with shitty VA coverage or free healthcare for everyone. And that girl’s dad definitely sucks but he doesn’t speak for everyone person on welfare. I’m also not saying that having 20 kids isn’t “fucking stupid” because it is. I’d still rather give those kids free healthcare so all the other people who do need it can have it too. It’s about the greater good. Of course there will be some people who cheat the system but like I said, that’s always been a thing and studies show it’s far less than a lot of people like to think. I personally know a decent number of people who get welfare because of disabilities that I can assure you are legitimate. Chronic illness that doesn’t allow for them to work normal jobs so try work limited hours or work from home. Life’s a struggle and sean and I do very well for ourselves so none of it would effect me directly. I just happen to care about the greater good.

Another friend also replied: More people exist than just those in the inner city. In fact, the majority of people that need help don’t run those scams at all. Using that as an excuse for the majority is far too blanketed.

Navy Boy:  I’m not saying it’s a scam. I’m saying if you can’t obtain sustenance for yourself or have it willingly given to you by somebody who can then you starve to death. Otherwise you end up with cities full of dumb, violent useless mouths to feed, and the government extricates money from the rest of us, at gun point, should we choose to resist. Oh wait that’s how things are…

Me: Ok, so innocent kids should be starved and denied healthcare because their father is an asshole. Got it.

Of course this went on for a while, him saying that oh don’t act like your way is less brutal than mine, these kids most likely aren’t going to grow up to be doctors and scientists and will make somewhere around 10K more or less than whatever their parents made blah blah blah. This is where my education point comes in. If we can provide people with free college, they have a better shot at life. They still have to earn their way into said schools. Get good grades in high school and actually apply to the school but if accepted, they get free tuition for their bachelor’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree doesn’t hold the kind of sway it once did in the job market like it did for our parents. The baby boomers pretty much were guaranteed a job if they got a four year degree. Nowadays, everyone has one. It doesn’t matter as much to employers. I personally don’t have a degree. I have taken college courses on and off while working. I was lucky in that I started in the workforce younger and got job experience that led me to better jobs than a number of my peers with degrees. This isn’t the case for most people.

There are plenty of disadvantaged kids  that work their asses off in school but still can’t go to college and get better jobs because even if they’re accepted to the college, they don’t have the money. Scholarships and fellowships are limited and highly competitive; there are plenty of people that are deserving of them but won’t get them because someone else did. If we can make school more available to these kids they will work harder to go and then have the ability to get more jobs.

Aside from that, one person’s anecdotal experience is not representative of large scale statistics across the country. Statistics show that most people DON’T abuse the system.

If you claim to care about the welfare of our citizens regarding war, why don’t you also want to protect them from starvation and health issues? It’s just my opinion but it seems pretty hypocritical to me. Just because I have healthcare and a good job doesn’t mean I don’t care because these things don’t directly affect me. What are you actually doing to help others?


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